cour·age [kur'ij], n.
1. the quality of mind that enables to face difficulty, danger, etc., without fear, bravery
2. see also German Shepherd



Welcome to Kriegerblut Kennel

Our goal is to breed and raise only the healthiest and strongest German Shepherds. We are striving to breed our dogs to excel in Schutzhund, obedience, agility, working K9, SAR and still be a family companion and personal protector. Several of our dogs are certified in SAR, Police and Service field. Our Shepherds are family to us and are treated as such. We know how hard it is when conducting your search for the perfect dog and we are here to make the process a little easier for you.


Current puppies for sale: 2 black & tan females, 2 sable females (SOLD), 1 black female (SOLD) and 1 bi-color male:

NNDDA, AWD Narcotics Detection K9

Ace vom Haus Ironworks


NNDDA, AWD Narcotics Detection K9

Grafin vom Prinzenrain


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K9 Ziva

Diva vom Haus Shekinah Diva vom Haus ShekinahDiva vom Haus Shekinah

K9 Luke

Ace from Haus IronworksAce vom Haus Ironworks

K9 Sofie

Grafin vom Prinzenrain