cour·age [kur'ij], n.
1. the quality of mind that enables to face difficulty, danger, etc., without fear, bravery
2. see also German Shepherd


About Us

Born and raised in Germany I grew up around German Shepherds, so did my father and his father before him. Growing up I had several different dogs and learned very early on that all were differnt and unique in their own ways. Yet all had that constant factor. Something that you can't teach nor train a dog to do, but something they are born with... heart and willingness to work.

My love for an American finally brought me to the US and dogs were always part of our lives. I joined a Search & Rescue group and had found the perfect dog to do the job, an Irmus Galan Nalag daughter. After joining the police force my focus shifted from SAR to detection dogs. Again I had the perfect dogs to do so. Over the years I raised and trained German Shepherd dogs for Police, SAR and personal use. All with heart, drive and intelligence.


Grafin vom Prinzenrain x Ace vom Haus Ironworks
Big bones, solid build with great personalities.

Police & Sport

We certified several dogs with NAPWDA, NNDDA and APCA for area search, human remains detection and narcotics detection. Our dogs come from a long line of proven police working dogs and Schutzhund lines with name like von der Tyson von der Schifflache, Cherokee von den Wolfen, V Ory vom Prinzenrain,and Phalko vom Weinbergblick. in their pedigree.